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Why do you need a Managed Broadband Service Provider?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

What is Managed Broadband Service?

Managed Broadband service means managing the internet connection services pro-actively, monitoring the customer organization internet round the clock & letting the organization know when there is a problem.

Managed Broadband Solutions are ideal for businesses needing high performance Internet access to drive mission critical applications with a fast, always on internet connection with necessary security.

Asian Managed broadband service provides fast, reliable and cost-effective network connectivity to maximize uptime and avoid processing disruptions. We source, provision, manage the break-fix process as well as consolidate all your internet service provider (ISP) bills into a single invoice. Whether it is a connectivity issue or a speed issue, 'Asian' support team will be connected quickly to your organization IT team. For multiple locations single booking, single billing policy, single point of contact (SPOC) with remote support will be provided by our team.

Difference between Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Internet service provider and the managed service provider are different from each other. Internet services provider is the middleman between your system and the internet and the Managed Service Provider is the entity that monitors your service for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

With most of the SME’s having offices in different cities, it is very difficult to deal with every different ISP. Also different ISPs have separate bill payment, invoice generation and their own terms and conditions and inconsistent rates. When you need to consolidate your invoices you will have a tough time sorting through them all out.

Here is where Managed Broadband Service Provider(MBSP) will help to you and the organization to choose the right ISP and with their categories / classification (Class 1, Class 2 etc.), Whether it is a connectivity issue or a speed issue, or anything else, Managed Broadband Service Providers have a team that troubleshoots and fixes your link issue quickly.

Benefits of Managed Broadband Service Provider?

Today high-speed internet and bandwidth has become an integral need of our daily life. In business, corporate sector, regional commerce, hospitals, educational institute, government organizations etc. depend on the internet and its speed. Superior connectivity, availability, and desired bandwidth are the important features.

If an organization has a dedicated Managed Service provider then no issue will arise doing the important tasks of the organization. Some of the benefits of a MBSP are:

  • Hand off carrier management to increase efficiency and save time and money

  • Increase your network reliability to minimize disruptions and downtime

  • Take advantage of the best available ISP connection for each location

  • Get proactive monitoring and alerts to quickly identify outages

Features of 'Asian' Managed Broadband Service

  • Monitoring - Asian offer real-time monitoring software for different applications, network devices, servers or websites.

  • Remote support - Asian offer support remote devices and remotely troubleshoot technical issues.

  • Proactive support - Asian perform preventative maintenance to stay ahead of any device or network issues that could arise.

  • Centralized management - Asian provide a management console for complex networks, remote monitoring, patch management and security software.

  • Scheduled maintenance - Asian offer organizations regularly scheduled network maintenance.

  • Simplified billing - Asian handle invoicing, payments and budgeting via a billing management system.

'Asian Infotel' Managed Broadband service features
Our Managed Broadband service features


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