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Remote Access Connectivity

Remote Access Connectivity solution

Remote Access Connectivity is the ability for an authorized person to access a computer or a network from a geographical distance through a secured network connection. A VPN creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the internet.

Organizations have been racing to prepare their employees for the remote work environment during the COVID-19 crisis, so it may be time to consider a remote access solution.

Depending on your needs, a remote access solution can allow employees or members of your organizations to securely access resources located in your private network or remotely connect to another physical computer.


Nowadays, organizations use a business VPN to allow employees or users to connect to the company’s network no matter where they are located. VPNs are perfect for users who need to access certain resources, databases, intranet (an important distinction from the internet) sites that are only available on the company networks, and otherwise  inaccessible from a home network. 

Remote connectivity solution by Asian Infotel Pvt Ltd
Remote Access Connectivity: Services

Remote access solutions ensure a smooth and secure connection to corporate assets from anywhere in the world. Businesses deploy them to implement virtualization technologies, diversify enterprise resources and build geography-agnostic infrastructure.

ASIAN specializes in developing custom remote access solutions for projects of any complexity. In contrast to off-the-shelf products, custom forticlient VPN based perfectly fits your needs in terms of: 

  • platform and operating system (OS) compatibility

  • user connectivity

  • flexibility and scalability

  • security

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