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ASIAN Managed Network Services benefits

Need help with managing your SD- WAN and affiliated network infrastructure? ASIAN Managed Network Services are there to help you & your organization!

Asian managed network services are a range of networking solutions remotely operated, monitored and maintained by a managed service provider designed to link individuals and remote site locations together, allowing users to access centralized services, information & applications hosted at other remote locations.

This reduces the responsibility and time away from your internal IT teams to manage your network and connectivity, allowing you to concentrate on value driving activities.

Managed Services are primarily aimed at guaranteeing the quality and durability of your business network. This includes same tasks as performing network configuration changes, proactive monitoring, installation maintenance, updates, detecting, resolving and preventing network problems, and protecting your network to insure a fast application response. ASIAN managed network services benefits –

  • Proactive Monitoring Track & correlate alerts and incidents impacting business continuity with data insights across your IT network. Manage alerts & cautions, before they are triggered, with proactive monitoring to avoid costly service disruptions and repetitive incidents at scale with IT process automation.

  • 99% + Uptime Management We provide always-on high availability connections to your network set up. Asian managed network providing 99%+ uptime availability to ensure your network is available for your mission critical applications.

  • Configuration Management​ As a Managed Network Service provider Asian NSE certified engineers will do all the configuration of the all devices & software. Asian Configuration management helps to build robust and stable system through the use of tools that automatically manage and monitor updates to configuration data.

  • Telephone Expense Management Asian can offer you facility of giving you single invoice for multiple locations or we can give state wise billing for your all PAN India locations. With Asian, centralizing your billing services ensures that your computing services are as efficient, smooth and fast as they can be.

  • Security Management Asian Managed Network Services security management provides the expertise, hardware, software, installation, configuration, ongoing patch management, and continuous updates to keep your network safe. With Asian Managed Network Services security, you have access to a team of advanced security specialists and layered services.

  • Performance Management Using comprehensive managed services, companies can easily join data networks and modify them in a way that optimizes performance. These tools will help you save time and expenses by reducing support time and enabling successful monitoring.

  • Application Management With the right managed network services provider, companies can enjoy improved voice / video quality, better call routing, and superior network control from built-in Quality of Service. Clients can also get a high-speed, high-quality MPLS backbone over a range of internet connections.

QoS - Quality of Service can be assured by highlighting traffic based on packet analysis, source, destination, and even business use case. Issues & problems can be adjusted immediately with an application-aware network, avoiding congestion and hiccups while maintaining peak performance.

By outsourcing all your business IT functions to a Managed Service Provider, you can now put business focus on the core competencies of your company. This allows you to further develop your business in competitive market while ensuring that your IT infrastructure can keep up with it.

If you want more queries about Asian managed network services please make a call to us.


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