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We understand that you might be facing problems at your existing remote branch locations at Tier 2/3 sites where internet is required for completing tasks like billing, CCTV connectivity, backup connectivity and many more. 

After research, ASIAN has come up with a new Triple connectivity solution - TRISHUL for your remote locations which will benefit you in terms of cost, latency, uptime, single billing, etc.

Trishul gives you triple connectivity i.e  Dual 4G/Lte SIM and single broadband for your remote locations.

​Trishul has been named keeping the 3 connectivity in mind for Data, Voice & Image and acts as an active-active connection for your business continuity.

TRISHUL objectives are -

  • To provide hassle free connectivity on PAN India

  • Last mile connection with BSNL broadband with high speed

  • To provide affordable and universal access of broadband for all nature of business

  • Highly Secured Connectivity with 24*7 Remote support

  • To Provide Economical Solution

  • To enhance business continuity at all levels

The Benefit of ASIAN Trishul is -

 ✔ 3 day deployment period

 ✔ Business Continuity with triple connectivity

 ✔ Economical in Cost

 ✔ Latest Technology

TRISHUL managed broadband service
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