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What is Secure Access Service Edge? (SASE)

What is secure access service edge? SASE is primarily delivered as a cloud-based service. SASE – Secure access service edge enables secure connectivity while using cloud and even on site premise. It is a network infrastructure that combines software-defined WAN ability and cloud-native network security services including zero-trust network access, secure web gateways, cloud access security brokers and firewalls as a service. SASE structure allows enterprises security professionals to identify and specify performance reliability, security, and cost desired for every session while using network connectivity. By Gartner’s definition, “SASE capabilities are delivered as a service based upon the identity of the entity, real-time context, enterprise security/compliance policies and continuous assessment of risk/trust throughout the sessions. Identities of entities can be associated with people, groups of people (branch offices), devices, applications, services, IoT systems or edge computing locations.”


Reduced Costs and Complexity The number of vendors & Indirect Clients, technology infrastructure and related operation management costs are reduced. By leveraging cloud resources instead of on-premise infrastructures, costs became elastic and scaling is simplified. Ease of Use Vendors & Indirect benefits from integrate nature of SASE by producing a single source of verity for policy operation management, troubleshooting and compliance reporting. From an end-users perspective less agents per device simplify the user’s experience. Upgraded Performance The integration of network and security allows the architecture to optimize services for latency-sensitive apps like videos or VoIP while still applying proper security across all application. Policy can also allow some users to be routed through a SASE providers high-bandwidth backbones. Improved Security SASE allows content checked for sensitive data and implicit malware to be applied to all sessions using a single set of policy. Whether the data is passing from a device to an application or between two cloud services, the same policy can be applied across all environment.

Greater Agility No longer limited by hardware capacity and refresh cycles, cloud based offerings update for new threats and policy as demanded without new deployments. This makes it future proof and allows for faster adoptions of new capabilities. Enable Zero Trust Network Access Grounding network access around the identity of the users (instead of IP address) allows access controls to be applied to sessions both on and off the enterprise network. These micro-networks assume the network is confrontational and secures all sessions with end to end encryption. Increased Effectiveness of Staff IT staff can concentrate on security and access requirement rather of routine tasks of setting up infrastructure. Centralize Policy with Local Enforcement SASE provides cloud-based operation management of policy with enforcement points distributed at the edge. These agents running on managed device can also be used for local decision making or routing to reduce the backhauling of traffic to centralized examination points. Benefits of SASE

Reduced IT Complexity IT security executions are clarified and enhanced with a holistic approach to network security and establishing trust with users and devices. Plus, 80% of organizations outsource SASE management services so that IT can focus on other responsibilities.

Seamless User Experiences Other network security postures decelerate connections and limit user’s access to data and resources. SASE intelligently manages connections at the user level to enhance cloud services and ensure low latency.

Reduced Cyber security Risk As a cloud-native solution, SASE is designed to address new risks and challenges presented by distributed users and applications in modern enterprise. It helps reduce the important attack surface of the networks help to threat protection, authentication, and data loss prevention at its core.


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