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Network Switches

Our range of switches consist of high performance multi-layered Networking switches and Gigabit routable switches. High performance workgroup or enterprise level edge switch is designed with modular interface to address various customer requirement and has advanced system framework switching ability that can reach upto maximum switching speed rate which can reach a wire speed non-blocking. 

Some of the benefits are: 

  1. Broad Deployment Options 

  2. Intent based networking designs 

  3. Secure and Intelligent 

  4. Open and programmable 

  5. Highly Scalable 

ASIAN can provide CISCO, TECHROUTES, NOMUS switches as per the needs of your business. More often switches is been categories as: 

  • Small Business Switch 

  • Core Switch 

  • Data Center Switch 

  • Layer II Switch 

  • Layer III Switch 

  • Managed Switch 

  • Unmanaged Switch 

  • Secure Ethernet Switch

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Network Switches: Services
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