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Gateway e-series modem

Asian Infotel Pvt Ltd is a distributor of NOMUS range of access equipment.  The Nomus Gateway e Series consists of various manageable modems and convertors. It is an intelligent new concept where you can mix and match from a selection of interface cards and order a product to match the application, other networking components and available WAN links.  
The interface cards available include V.35/RS530/X.21 interface, G.703/E1 interface or the co-directional G.703 interface card. 
The Gateway e SHDSL modem operates to a distance of upto 6.5 Km on a 2-wire 0.5 mm copper cable at 2 Mbps and up to 10.5 Km at lower speeds. It uses TCPAM modulation to automatically negotiate the most optimum speed as per the distance and quality of the cable. It can also operate on a 4-wire circuit to increase the driving distance. It also supports use of intermediate SHDSL repeaters to increase the distance. 
Both V.35 and G.703/E1 interfaces can be provided in the Gateway e for flexibility in installation or optionally to combine the user traffic of both V.35 and E1 over the SHDSL link so as to share the same link for both data & voice.  
Both interfaces can also be used as a V.35 to G.703 interface converter for use where the user equipment like Router is in the Exchange or within 1 Km distance.

gateway e-series modem
Gateway e-series modem: Services
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