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Network Equipment

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The main aim of the modem is to produce a signal that can be transmitted easily and decoded to reproduce the digital data in its original form.

ASIAN Offer High speed Internet DSL, Gateways, and NON MLLN Modems for your business continuity. High speed Ethernet modem pair, connects to any router or to a firewall, these modems provide speeds from 2Mbps to 20Mbps on copper and fiber.

As ASIAN is the partners with Nomus can provide you Modems in a bulk with technical support & services.

Types of Modems ASIAN offers are –


DSL model uses twisted pair cable for transmission of signals. It will radiate at higher frequencies and covered more distance than the dial-up modems. It offers to speed up to 2 Mbps and even more, which depends upon the type and configuration.


This type of modem uses a pair of wires for both incoming and outgoing carriers. However, if we are using the half-duplex mode, then the same frequency can be used for transmission as data flows in the same direction only at a time.


It is a separate pair of wires that is used for the incoming and outgoing carrier. Therefore, the same frequency can be used for transmission at both ends.

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Media Converter

A media converter is a networking device that transparently converts Ethernet or other communication protocols from one cable type to another type, usually copper CATx/UTP to fibre. Media converters are often used in pairs to insert a fibre segment into copper networks to increase cabling distances and enhance immunity to electromagnetic interference. They can also extend LANs, and convert link speeds and fibre modes.

Most commonly it is used to convert signal between copper-based media (coax cable, UTP cable) and optical media (fiber optic cable). Typically media converter has two media ports – one for input media type, another for output media type.

Some of the advantages of media converter are –

  • Extend LAN distances with fibre

  • Retain investment in existing Equipment

  • Data Protection 

  • Speed Conversion

  • Power over Ethernet

ASIAN can offer following types of Converters

  1. Ethernet to Optical Fiber Media Converter

  2. Fiber to fiber Media Converter

  3. POE Converter

  4. Single Mode to Multi Mode Converter

  5. Multi-Mode to Single Mode Converter

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Passive Networking Components

  • ETHERNET CABLE (Cat5, Cat6 etc.)



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